Q: Why isn't Nina's Adventures in my local newspaper? Why are all the comics over a year old?
In its heyday, Nina's Adventures was in about 15 newspapers.I drew it from 1988 to 1995, took a 3-year break to work on Fluff, and started it again in 1998. The 1998 re-launch campaign included mailing deluxe packets and press kits to over 100 "alternative," weekly, and daily American newspapers, as well as making personal follow-up calls. It cost me a lot of money and time, and NOT ONE newspaper picked it up! More evidence of an ever-consolidating and centralizing American media; all those indies I was in a few years earlier had either been bought by big corporate chains (like New Times, Inc.), or had gone out of business (like the beloved LA Reader). If I someday attain my dream of moving to Europe, I'll try selling translated versions there (see Nina's Adventures En Francais). But I've given up on American newspapers, and hence stopped drawing the comic strip for the time being. This leaves me more time to do animation.