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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Praising with Great Damnation

Sometimes the greatest compliment comes in the form of being hated by the right people. So I was thrilled to discover this condemnation from the Forced-Birthers, who only took five years to notice my work exists. Five years, but so worth the wait.


Nina, I love your work, and thanks for turning me on to VHEMT. I've blogged on this here

Hope you don't mind me using your illustration.


Hi Nina,

I wrote a defense for "us" (the people w/o a driving need to reproduce) under the article you blogged. Hope it did your work some justice. :)


You go, girl! Your work is great, and you're pissing off the fundies. What could be better than that?


Nina: I'm glad you saw my article. But if I really "hated" you I probably wouldn't have called you "tremendously talented."

Blackie: I'm not "pissed off"; on the contrary, I'm delighted to see my ideological opponents choose to expose their own extremism in a way so manifestly abhorrent to the average person. And I'm also delighted to discover a talent like Nina Paley's, even if I disagree sharply with the message she's preaching with it. Also: I'm not a "fundie." I'm a Byzantine Catholic -- we kiss a lot of icons and it drives the Fundies nuts.


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